Featured Horses FOR SALE: Pepper and Freckles 

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We at AM Horse Company are proud to welcome you! AM Horse Company is owned and operated by Andy and Misty Werkman. We are a small husband-wife operation. We work together great as we each have completely different riding styles and abilities. This works as key to our and the Horse’s success because the array of horses out there all learn differently and have different abilities as well. We work with horses at their pace.¬† We strive to work slow with patience so the horse learns at a pace he can not only comprehend but retain the training. We are located in Catron County between Quemado and Reserve NM.. We Buy, Sell and Train horses focusing on quality and affordability. We love giving horses a purpose and try to find what the horse may succeed at and enjoy whether it be from Barrel Racing to Roping to just a solid trail horse or all around using horse fit for the Ranch.