Meet A&M

Steeley Dan, Misty, Andy and Jud

WE HAVE MOVED!!! Welcome to NEW MEXICO!! Andy and Misty have accepted a position as Ranch Managers of the Toriette Ranch in western New Mexico!

About Misty:

I was born a ranch kid in Arizona, and later moved to New Mexico where my family still resides. My family manages a ranch just north of Reserve, New Mexico that Dad has retired from and we have taken over management. Horses are a passion I have possessed since I could barely walk. I grew up learning riding and training from my Dad. To this day, the abilities he has with a horse amaze me. If I am half the horseman he is, I am a success. I  graduated high school, went on to college and then began a career in the oil, gas and energy field. I went to North Dakota in 2010  where I met Andy while building a Power Plant. While traveling was new and exciting I still always missed my horses. While we founded this fun little horse venture in Oklahoma and we greatly miss being there, coming home to the ranch is absolutely amazing. Now, I could not be happier with my life! I am living my dream!

About Andy:

I grew up on a farm in rural Iowa raising dairy cattle, pigs, feeder cows, and horses.  Opa, my dad’s dad, and my brother, Jeff taught me how to ride horses when I was a kid.  We were members of a local saddle club where we did trail rides and other club events.  When I was a teenager we moved to town and sports and college became my life.  I excelled in college football and then moved to North Dakota to continue my college education. After graduating I started working construction and then met Misty building a power plant in North Dakota.  We moved to New Mexico and I started riding horses again,  but this time it was a whole new way of life and meaning.   Helping out on the Ranch in New Mexico brought back the love and aspersions of horses to my life.  It’s amazing, to me, on how a person can become one with an animal. It’s an amazing connection.  One of the greatest satisfactions that I get from buying, training, and selling a horse is to see how the horse has grown with me and how we have learned from each other.  It gives me great pride when someone buys one of our horses and tells us how well they have connected with each other.  Every horse is different and a good horseman will know how to treat each horse to get the most out of him.

About Us:

We continued traveling the country together when we came to Cushing Oklahoma to work, building the TransCanada Tank Terminal. We fell in love with the area and the people, so we decided to plant our feet for a while. We lived an operated the horse business out of Stillwater Oklahoma for 8 years.But as Misty’s dad has decided to retire, we moved to New Mexico in December 2019 to take over as managers of the Toriette Ranch. While We do not have any children together, family plays a very important role in our horse business. While often times we offer horses for sale that we would not feel comfortable putting kids on, all of our horse are exposed to kids as we often have “help” from Kelli, Wyatt and Becca (our Nieces and Nephew) and “The Ranch Kids,” (Chey, Dee Dee and CJ). The Ranch Kids are Misty’s sisters and brother and sure know their way around a horse. They work day in day out with her Dad and the Ranch just wouldn’t function without them. They play a vital role in all the day to day tasks. With the help of the kids, our horses are subject to most anything that can be thrown at them. They get hauled to barrel races with Misty, thrown in the trailer with some ornery cattle, and travel many miles through some pretty rough country.


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