Dallas-2009 Grade Dun Gelding

9 yr old Grade Dun Gelding. This has taken a lot of thought and consideration but I am placing Dallas up for sale. We have had him for 3 years. He is a 3D/4D barrel horse. Just spent the summer being raced on by a novice barrel racer and she won the youth 3D at Barrel Bash as well as multiple playdays. The young lady is not a novice rider but had never barrel raced before. He took amazing care of her and she would have won open money at several races had she decided to roll her time over. Did I mention he heads as well?? I have competed on him in low number ropings and practiced a bunch. I have used him in Cowboy Challenges as well. This horse drug calves in the branding pen like he has done it every day of his life. He’s been used in Playdays. Loves Poles! I used him in the Pawnee Bill Wild West show. Shot guns off him and used a sword. He has a ton of speed. Can get a touch hot at times so will take a patient hand. If you got a kid that loves a horse with a lot of go, he will be fine. Very nice handle on him. One hand neck rein. Be a Heck of a Queen horse because this horse can SMOKE a HOT LAP and carries flags with no issues!! Be a good experienced youth horse. He has never even considered bucking or rearing. Just a lot of horse! Would be a great Little Britches or Jr. Rodeo Horse! He is the top man in the herd. He’s been hauled extensively. Eats and drinks on the road. 15.1 Hands.

SOLD! We are very Happy that Dallas has gone to McLoud, OK. Congratulations Taylor Mullican! We are excited to see your future together!

This is Kelli (age 8) winning the Pee Wee 3D at Running R Arena!



Cheyenne (Novice barrel racer) running at Fab Barrel Race!
Ponies like a dream!
Dallas and  Cheyenne winning the Ranch Sorting Jackpot at the WW Arena in Meeker, OK.