Pistol-2015 Bay Gelding

Pistol is a 2015 Grade Bay Gelding. He has a personality that is just out of this world. He will steal your donuts and knock over your drinks. If you got it, he wants it. Very in your pocket. He is started and coming along nice. We are starting to push him along and have even played around at some playdays. This guy has a ton of potential and he is so willing to learn. He is fun to have around and he will be missed when he leaves our place. He stands about 14.3hh and carries himself nicely. We are very excited to see what the future holds for him. We are confident he will succeed in several directions including barrels and roping. He is a gentle soul so definitely a youth prospect as he matures.

2/27/19 Update: Loads and hauls great. Stands for farrier. Works good off his hind end, side passes, good stop, will open and close gates, works off leg pressure for stopping, side passing, and backing up, and has a good personality. He has done big gathers in the western New Mexico mountains and has tracked steers in the arena. I have have drug a 300LB log with him and he did just fine for his first couple times. He has done barrels, poles, & flags at a couple playdays in the adult category last summer. I have had kids on him in a controlled environment, but would not consider him a kids horse at this time due to his age. This guy will excel in any direction and make a good junior rodeo prospect.

4/20/19 Update: Pistol has been started on the heel side. He is excelling very well. He has been trail rode by a 9 year old girl as well as she has ridden him in busy warm up pens and even exhibitioned him at the first big race he attended. He definitely has kid horse potential as he is so willing. Pistol has so much potential. I don’t think there is anything he wont do. He has speed, athleticism, and heart, but has a calm mind that allows him to be pushed without getting stirred.

Bargain Price: $4,000



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