These ponies are the kids projects. They have done most of the work with little help and guidance from me. Each of these ponies have been a challenge in their own way but each are very different from each other. Priced to sell! Perfect for Christmas!


Meet Shark! This is Wyatt’s little horse. He is the most difficult pony in the bunch. He was most definitely the wildest of the 3. He has taken the most time and patience so he is not quite as far along as the other 2 but is still progressing nicely. He is going to be more of a rough and tough kid horse rather than a leadline pony. $200


img_8584 img_8564




Next is Little Foot. Kelli has done a great job with him! He has been on the easier side for sure. He has never offered to buck or anything. He has taken everything Kelli has taught him and retained it from lesson to lesson. He is going to be a good little riding pony.





And last is Hersey Kisses. Becca’s little love bug. He is super shy of “big people” but is easily caught and will follow Becca anywhere. He is going to be the true Leadline pony. Once Becca is on his back he will follow anyone. Kelli is helping Becca teach him how to rein and ride around independently and he is doing great.