Riskeys Stormy Jud

The time has come to let Jud go. This does not come light heartedly. We have had this horse for over 5 years. He is such a fixture around, that there will be a big hole with him gone. If interested in Jud please let us know. He is priced to sell at $7500. Negotiable to a non performance kid loving home.

Jud is another one of the “Keepers.” He is one of those hard to find, easy to keep ahold of horses. He is the ULTIMATE kid horse. He is a pain in the, well, you know what. He is sometimes hard to catch. If he can mess it up, count on him to do it. But when one of the kids are riding him, he is a DREAM. He is the one you call on to take care of the inexperienced both young and old. He doubles as Andy’s Heel horse. There is nothing you throw at him that he doesnt take in stride like hes done it everyday of his life. He’s Wyatt’s favorite to rope on and Kelli’s Queen horse. If it involves a kid, I know we can count on him for whatever the task asked of him.