Sold Horses (Gallery)

Here is a gallery of Horses we no longer own that were sold before the development of the website. Each hold a place in our heart as they were the beginning of what we do today. They each taught us a few things and even though we do not have them anymore, we know they are all doing very well in the homes they went to. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us! In this gallery you will find: Cruz (Highbrow Cruz Buddy), Whiskey, Onyx (Dandys Onyx Inferno), Deuce, Cisco, Cowboy (Sir Maxs Cowboy), Diesel, Poncho, Lefty (Taris Cees Boss), Angus, Pepper (Raging Blizzard), Boone, Marley (Jet Bay Star), Mojo (Easy Peppy Dude), Easy (Poco Sonita Acres), Vegas, Banjo, Blue (Tony Blue Rocks), Jr. (Lowry Bold Ruler), Coffee, Chappo and Dozer.

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