Training and Consignment


As well as buying and selling horses we take in outside horses for clients for training and tune ups. We focus on correctness and patience. We will work horses in disciplines as desired from roping and barrels to trail and ranch riding. Client horses will be treated as they are our own. After the introduction period they will be turned out into the pasture (unless otherwise requested) and will be fed daily just like our horses.

Training horses takes time and patience. Just like people, horse learn different things at different paces. We tailor our training to each horse individually. Prior to accepting your horse into training we interview both horse and owner to analyze what options seem possible. We want happy clients and happy horses. We do our best to set up each horse for success. We are not miracle workers, so we are sure to communicate with clients with on expectations and realities of each horse.

So if your are looking for the next opportunity for your horse, please be sure to contact us. Prices range from $400-$700 for approximately 45 days with 30 rides guaranteed. Price variance is depending on needs and expectations.



  • Horses must be evaluated before being consigned. Horse will have board paid and be left for 2 weeks at AM Horse Company’s facility for evaluation on the ground and under saddle. If horses are purely to be evaluated and not “trained,” they should be expected to be ready to go for sale. Horses that are not trained to the level necessary to complete a sale will need to be in training before being considered ready for sale. General guidelines are horses for sale under $3,000 are considered projects to some level, $3,000-$5,000 horses should be able to do at least basic arena maneuvers w/t/c, stop and back up, as well as basic body control. Horses priced over $5,000 are specialty horses with either specialty bloodlines or training that will lend them to more upper level work.
  • Any owner leaving any horse for consignment must disclose any bad habits or vices of said horse.
  • Owners are recommended to leave a blanket/sheet for their horse, so that it can be properly fitted for sale. Grain and supplements may also be left.
  • Any horse that may fit the description of a “problem horse” must receive training prior to being sold. This would be an absolute minimum of 30 days before even being considered for consignment.
  • For registered horses, all transfers and paperwork must be ready to go for the new owner. Originals or copies must be provided.
  • Owner understands that there is no guaranteed period of time in which the horse will be sold. Owner will be responsible for care of the horse while they are listed for sale, including, but not limited to farrier work, de-worming, and veterinary expense. Training/ride time will also be the owner’s responsibility.
  • Horses sold while in a training program will be charged a 10% commission. If horse is not in a training program while listed for sale, they must be pre-approved and commission price will be adjusted to cover all possible time and effort that may be expended on prepping, conditioning, and marketing sale horse. This option is not available to all horses.

If interested in AM Horse Company training or consigning your horse, contact us today!

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